YouTube Community Guidelines Cheat Sheet

YouTube has rules that everyone has to follow when they make and share videos on the website. These rules say what is okay and what is not okay to show in videos. They also talk about how people get into trouble if they break the rules.

People who make videos are called creators. They can make all sorts of videos, but they have to remember the rules. The rules are like a set of instructions to make sure videos are not mean, hurtful, or cause problems. They also explain what happens if someone doesn’t follow the rules.

The rules are there to catch the people who do bad things. We’re not talking about you, of course! But it’s important for every YouTube creator to know and follow these rules

YouTube Community Guidelines: What Creators Need to Know

The YouTube Community Guidelines tl;dr down to “be honest and be cool.”

Be Honest

Be Cool

Are you worried about breaking YouTube’s rules? Yes, you should be careful. But you don’t have to be really scared that something bad will happen to your channel right away.

However, if you keep breaking the youtube guidelines again and again, there can be big problems. You might even lose your channel, which would be very bad, especially if you’re making money from it. If you put up content that is mean, shows hate, or causes trouble, or if it’s about sex, crime, or lies, YouTube can take action against you.

YouTube clearly tells us what things are not allowed. If you make videos, you need to read these rules carefully. Also, these rules apply not only to videos but also to titles, pictures, live shows, lists, and comments.


Three YouTube Community Guidelines Strikes and You’re Out


Imagine if YouTube was a game, and they had rules to follow. One of the rules is called the ‘three strikes policy.’ Just like in a game, if you break a rule three times, you might get in trouble. But don’t worry, even if you accidentally break a rule once, you won’t be in big trouble right away.

When you make videos for YouTube, you have to follow their rules. If you accidentally make a video that breaks a rule, YouTube will first remove that video and tell you that you made a mistake. It’s like a gentle warning to be careful. You should take this warning seriously and fix the mistake so you don’t get in more trouble.

However, sometimes, if someone makes a really bad video that goes against the rules a lot, YouTube might delete their whole channel without any warning. But this usually happens to people who are not being honest or nice on YouTube.

So remember, if you want to keep making videos on YouTube, it’s important to follow their rules and be a good and honest creator.

First Community Strike

So, if you’re using YouTube and you do something that’s not allowed, you might get a warning. If you don’t fix the problem, your channel will get a “strike.” This is like a timeout for your channel. During this time, for one week, you can’t:

  • Put up new videos or livestreams.
  • Make special pictures for your videos.
  • Write posts for your viewers.
  • Show a preview before your videos.
  • Move your viewers from a livestream to a preview.
  • Move your viewers from a preview to a livestream.
  • Make or change lists of videos.

After one week, you can start using your channel again, but the strike will stay for three months.

Second Community Strike

If you break the rules again before three months are over, you’ll get another strike. This time, you won’t be able to post anything for two weeks. The strike will go away after three months, but if you keep getting strikes, bad things will happen.

Third Community Strike

If you get three strikes, YouTube will say you can’t use their website anymore. Your channel and all your videos will go away forever. This is because you’re not being nice or following the rules.

So, always follow the rules on YouTube. If you do get a strike, learn from it and make sure to read the rules again. It’s important to be a good YouTube user!


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